Incidences / RETURNS:

In custom products that respond to the client's instructions, no returns will be made. Merchandise will be changed only in case of:

  1. Manufacturing defects.
  2. Tissue error.
  3. Manufacturing failure according to the design approved by the customer.

Procedure for changing a product.

In the process of communicating the incident it is mandatory to indicate the order number, attach a photo of the error and make an explanation of the error found.

The returns form is in the following LINK.

Once verified by us, we will contact you to send you to the transport agency and pick up the product. When the product is in our possession we will proceed as follows:

- Will be checked the merchandise, handled and packaged.

- We will proceed to the determination of responsibilities.

- Replenishment of the merchandise whenever a failure is determined in favor of the customer and the product was effectively in poor condition.

Check the Legal Notice page

Can I change or return a custom product?

Once your product has been customized, you will not be able to change it or return it, unless the product presents a manufacturing defect and / or personalization different from the one approved by the user. In that case, you must follow the steps indicated in the previous point.

Before choosing the customize option, we advise you to make sure that the size you choose is correct.

How do I receive the money from my return?

When we receive the return package, we will refund the amount within approximately 10 days. The return will be made in the same form of payment that you have used in the purchase, that is:

- If you have paid by credit card, you will receive a payment in the account associated with that card that you can check in the statement of the same. The payment settlement date will depend on your bank.

- If you have paid by bank transfer, you must indicate an account number for us to make an account deposit.

If you have questions or concerns about your return or want to make one, click here.